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Empowering Executives & Teams For Transforming Leadership

If you wonder what is working with me, I am Serena, Executive and Team Coach.

I bring a unique and holistic approach to achieving excellence. With extensive experience in both Corporate and Startup environments across six different countries, I have developed a deep understanding of cultural diversity and the intricate dynamics involved in scaling internationally.

My expertise lies in supporting leaders and teams facing exceptional levels of stress or change, ensuring their continuous growth.

What fuels your passion as a coach, and how has it evolved over time?

Everything began with a profound realization: the culture and leadership within a company can make or break its success. I witnessed firsthand the challenges faced by managers due to the absence of proper training and guidance.

My own personal journey through leadership was made with a lot of guesses and mistakes for over a decade, always catching up with concepts that I hoped someone taught me a while earlier. I felt compelled to spare others from similar struggles.

As my business evolved over the years, I have had the privilege of working with hundreds of clients, each unique in their leadership styles, passions, and aspirations. The joy and satisfaction I derive from making a positive difference in their lives continue to fuel my passion and commitment to what I do.

What sets you apart in the way you work with your clients and makes you unique?

I have a different approach to work and success. I firmly believe that work doesn't have to be excessively difficult and draining. Combining my extensive industry experience with a fun-loving coaching style, my programs provide a unique perspective.

While I'm happy to have a chat and offer advice, if that's all you need, coaching with me goes beyond surface-level guidance. It's a transformative process tailored to address your true challenges and maximize your strengths.

While my focus is on coaching people in their professional lives, I also emphasize the importance of finding joy in your work and discovering a more fulfilling path to success. I don't adhere to the traditional notion of work-life balance; instead, I help you navigate the intricacies of achieving the best personal-professional balance, recognizing the close interplay between these two aspects of your life.

Can you share a specific success story from your coaching experience?

One client, a busy senior Leader, constantly felt overwhelmed and out of control with his workload. He was always waiting for things to calm down at work before regaining control of his time. Together, we realized that there is no such thing as waiting for the perfect moment. Instead, we challenged him to plan for the impossible and figure out the "how-to" later.

We identified three crucial aspects of his work that needed attention and crafted a strategic plan. With newfound determination, he became unstoppable. He accepted that he couldn’t stick to his plan every day, yet he remained focused on his goals and found new ways to balance his priorities effectively.

The biggest challenge is to realize that you need to make time for a change, and this is why getting extra support is needed.

This client transformation was remarkable. He regained control of his agenda, being able to work on more exciting and strategic projects and achieved a greater sense of fulfilment.

How does your offer unlock your potential and bring fulfilment?

I specialize in partnering with high-achieving business owners and leaders who are driven to make a lasting impact without compromising their own well-being. Together, we'll navigate through 4 crucial areas of leadership to drive overall success:

  • Achieve tangible outcomes with clarity and productivity: Break free from the never-ending to-do list mentality.

  • Empower your team: Develop leadership skills to inspire and motivate your team, freeing yourself for strategic decision-making.

  • Amplify communication and collaboration: Foster a culture of transparency and open dialogue, eliminate assumptions, and enhance teamwork for organizational efficiency.

  • Refine Business Strategy: Streamline revenue-generating activities and operations. Leverage data-informed insights and innovative tactics to drive growth.

At the heart of all is a customer-centric approach. It's not about what I want, but rather understanding and addressing the unique needs of the person in front of me.

What are some of the biggest challenges you've faced as a business owner, and what have you learned from them?

One of the most significant challenges is the sense of loneliness and the weight of shouldering everything on my own. Despite advocating for delegation and focusing on strengths with my clients, the reality of starting a business often demands juggling multiple roles and navigating uncharted territory.

However, I have come to appreciate the power of collaboration and seeking support within the coaching community. Seeking support from like-minded individuals has been instrumental to my growth: I have gained inspiration, shared learning, and the realization that we can achieve more collectively.

To fellow leaders out there, my advice is simple: Seek out your supportive tribe, whether it's within your company or beyond. Remember, together is better.

If you need a partner to help you with your Leadership transformation and Business growth, you are welcome to reach out to me directly or check all my coaching programs and workshops

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