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Become the Northern Star

This is the best plan for managers ( or aspiring ones ) feeling increasing pressure of delivering business results and being the charismatic leader that can move teams forward.

You are a successful professional with a great track record, but you are struggling to cope with getting everything done as your responsibilities and

team size grows.

You wanted to be a leader to help people developing and grow, but the only thing growing is your never ending to-do list.

I will help guide and inspire you to achieve more with less stress. You will learn to recognize the unique skills of your teams and work together to drive business results consistently.

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Authentic Leader: Services

Results you can expect


  • Improve time management and work efficiency

  • Increase team performance with accountability & trust

  • Earn respect as a leader, not as a boss

  • Learn the richness of diversity of thought

  • Be the key for your team and business growth

  • Become the authentic leader you are meant to be

How we can work together

  • Understand your inner strengths and motivations

  • Make an actionable step by step plan

  • Keep yourself focused and accountable

  • Create a vision and share it effectively 

  • Create an effective collaboration space that allows people to grow 

  • Deal with change effectively

Working together you will learn your strengths and understand how to use them to lead your team successfully.
You will discover the best way to motivate your team and how each person can help contribute to the business goals.
I will help you to plan, stay on track and sustain the results in the long run.

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Taking two steps back and let the team drive operations and having an efficient KPI setup, gives me the needed information to make sure things are running as they should. I can now take time off when I need it.

T. M. General Manager EMEA - Spain


800 €

Authentic Leader

  • 5 x 50 minutes 1:1 sessions 

  • You can use these sessions to: get clarity on your vision or next steps, focus on 1 main areas, and access Serena's mentorship and experience

1500 €

Leadership +

  • 10 x 50 minutes 1:1 sessions 

  • These sessions are designed to go through 3 main areas, with a customized focus based on your needs

  • Access to your coach for any questions or insights during the  program 

If you prefer you can send me an email:


Se preferisci puoi contattarmi in Italiano 

Si prefieres puedes contactarme en Español​

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Get your FREE workbook to quickly find bottlenecks in your business and see what you should tackle first.

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Let's find out if I can help you

Send a message below or an email to explore how we could best work together

If you prefer you can book a free 30 minutes call directly on my calendar

  • Se preferisci puoi contattarmi in Italiano 

  • Si prefieres puedes contactarme en Español

Thanks for the message. I'll get back to you shortly!

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Everyone comes with their own unique and personal story. All programs are custom and designed around your needs. During our free consultation, we will design the best option for you.

I operate in a safe, open and non judgmental environment.

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