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Guidance & Inspiration

Congratulations! You are a great Leader and have already achieved so much in terms of growth for your company in a short amount of time.

Now it’s time to quickly scale your team and business and make it sustainable in the long run. What was working when you were your own - or with few trusted employees -  doesn’t hold any longer now that things are changing constantly.

The good news is that you do not have to do it all on your own. Working together you will find inspiration for new business ideas, re-energize, and become more creative and innovative. Knowing that you can keep building enormous value in your business for your clients, your teams and yourself.

This is the best solution for you if you want to go from doing good to be really successful.

You can do that without trying to squeeze in more stuff in your agenda.

What you need is getting time back to create real value for your business.

We can go from stress and overwhelmed to clarity and focus choosing wisely what you do so you can do better.

I will be the guiding hand to help you switch from always being busy to create effortless value.
Because what you try to can achieve on your own, we can get it much faster together.

Using a proven system to transform the way you work in 12 weeks.

This is what we work on:

1️⃣ Performance: Create real value and get away from endless to-do list mentality
2️⃣ Delegation: Right hire on Right seat and clear accountability
3️⃣ Alignment: Clear communication and Resourceful meetings, let's remove assumptions and best guesses

4️⃣ Strategy: Improved Marketing, Sales and Operations

Results you can expect

  • Get time to work consistently on strategy and not merely executing

  • Move forward with clear actions and timelines

  • Become a better leader with a strong team to support you

  • Have a clear direction for all areas of your business 

  • Learn to lead in time of changes and uncertainty 

  • Focus on long term sustainable output

  • Improve life balance while growing your business.



One of the biggest frustration with growing a business is when you are stuck and nothing progresses in a consistent way. The worst part is when you realise that YOU are the biggest bottleneck.

✔️ You are squeezing countless things into your to-do list, yet never have enough time for strategy

✔️ You are always busy checking on the team, yet spend very little time developing them

✔️ You spend countless hours in meetings, yet so many things get lost in translation

The good news is that you can do better.

Working together 1:1 we will transform the way you work and operate your business in 12 weeks


I attended a number of sessions with Serena as part of her programme. We covered a range of topics each week, where I received useful guidance, challenge and feedback on tasks I had completed, current business challenges and position and strategy planning.

The sessions were a great space to get clarity on what I need to do to rally drive my business forward, and develop personally. Serena was supportive, personable and insightful, I would happily work with her again in future.

Laurelle B. - Founder&Director - UK



Focus on 1-2 areas. Get clarity on your vision or next steps,

3 months Program

includes bi-weekly x 1-hour session 

+ Full Access to Serena's mentorship and experience

Total €1750 (+VAT if applicable)

Book a call first to see if this is a good fit for you


The program is designed to go through the 4 main areas, with a customized focus based on your needs

6 months Program

includes bi-weekly x 1-hour session 

Full mentorship and access to your coach for any questions or insights during the whole program 

Total €3000 (+VAT if applicable)

Book a call first to see if this is a good fit for you


Everything on the effortless program


Team sessions with your executive and leadership teams to get full alignment 

Strategy plan and revision for the following quarter/year 

The program is custom and starts from 4500€ 

Get in touch to discuss your needs and we will create a solution for you

Everyone comes with their own unique and personal story. All programs are custom and designed around your needs. During our free consultation, we will design the best option for you.

I operate in a safe, open and non judgmental environment.

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