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Accelerating Impactful Leadership & Building High-Performance Teams

Executive, Leadership & Teams Coaching 

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Founded by Serena Martino, Executive and Leadership coach, SMART Coaching is dedicated to empowering Business Owners, Leaders, and Teams within fast-growing companies.

Our mission is to help you maximize your impact and find greater fulfilment in your professional journey.

We are guided by a set of core values that shape our approach:

  • Simple: We believe in the power of simplicity. Simple doesn't mean easy, yet the most effective solutions often arise from untangling complexity. We'll help you simplify your goals and strategies, making success more attainable.

  • Inspiration: Our philosophy is all about unlocking your potential. Discover your inner motivation and limitless drive. Be ready to overcome your challenges and achieve your dreams.

  • Fun: Who says that professional growth should not be enjoyable? Your journey becomes a fulfilling adventure filled with playful moments, joy, and excitement.

    Welcome to where your transformation journey begins.

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A simpler way to grow

This is the best program for founders and Executives in their scale-up phase.

It is a combination of Coaching Sessions and Strategy Planning to help you accelerate your business growth and inspire your team to work towards company's vision.

Grow your business with flow and direction, spending less time stuck in execution.


Leading the way to lead others.

This is designed for managers and senior contributors with a great track record, struggling to cope with getting everything done as responsibilities and team size grow. Learn to maximize results while encouraging your team to reach their full potential. 

Get clarity, plan ahead and focus on the actions necessary to achieve long-lasting results.

Results from other Leaders

Taking two steps back and let the team drive operations and having an efficient KPI setup, gives me the needed information to make sure things are running as they should. I can now take time off when I need it.

T. M. General Manager EMEA - Spain


I work with clients from all walks of life. Some of the companies they work for



Amazon - Calendly - Checkpoint - DoubleVerify - Github - Netafim - Siemens - Similarweb - Uber - Zynga


Liberty Global - Outbrain - Taboola - Triplelift


AirB&B - - Marriott - TrenoNord -  Virgin Atlantic


CommerceTools - Lightspeedhq - Outbrain - Yotpo


Kistler Group - Lonza Biologics - Merck - Stratasys

As an Accredited Business, Executive & Team Coach, I bring a wealth of experience from diverse roles across the business landscape. From leadership positions to consulting for countless clients on their online presence and business strategy, I've witnessed firsthand the challenges of both complex enterprises and start-ups.

Today, my focus is on supporting high-achieving leaders like you in navigating the complexities of business growth without succumbing to stress and overwhelm. Whether you're an entrepreneur charting new territory or a seasoned manager steering a large corporation, the sentiment is universal: leaders are feeling the strain, losing focus, and searching for renewed motivation.

If you're tired of the perpetual busyness that leaves you feeling like your to-do list controls you, it's time for a change. Let me be your guiding hand as we shift from constant busyness to creating effortless value for your business.

Together, we'll embark on a transformational journey to regain control of your schedule, reignite your passion, and create genuine value for your business effortlessly. It's time to reclaim your time and rediscover the joy in your leadership role.


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