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So you only ask questions?

I sometimes see professionals starting a coaching engagement without knowing exactly what this is about. ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀

Coaching might be a benefit offered by their company, and if they are not properly informed in advance, they enroll expecting some sort of training.

In the first session, they are eager to learn and take notes and here it goes the usual: So what are you going to tell me?

Funny enough I had similar expectation the first time I sat on a coaching course. Instead they told me that the role of a coach was to partner with clients in a thought-provoking process…

So you only ask questions? 

There was something not computing right in my head. I wanted to support people that have been where I have been, I know what they need, yet I cannot tell them what to do?

When you are used to work in a company, you do everything in your power to stand up, be heard, tell your opinion and show how much you know.

Not in coaching. Here you take the back sit. 

Even when you want to share your view, even when you think you already have been there and you already solved this. ⠀⠀⠀

Because that is your way, but might not be the best way for whoever is in front of you at that moment. 

This is why you do not want to make any assumptions and you just ask.

Because asking the right question in the right way, you can help someone:

  • See things from a different angle and change prospective

  • Identify a couple more options that they might have not seen yes

  • Look at the opportunities and not only at the challenges

  • Make a clear action plan and stick to it

As you coach someone, you see their full potential while they still do not 

So I am not there to ask questions, I am there for you to find the answers that you already have, even if you might not know it yet.

All you need is a bit of push and someone believing that you can.

So are you ready for some thought provoking question and see where they can lead you?

Book a quick chat and we'll explore it together

Talk soon,


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