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Who are all these coaches out there?

Since I started coaching a lot of people have asked what I really do. 

In a time when everyone and their neighbor call themselves a coach, all doing different things, the confusion is understandable.

There are so many coaches out there, but they fall in 2 categories:

- The Consultant Coach - a better name would be expert or mentor. They are going to help you through a specific challenge in a specific area and they bring direct experience in the field. They will tell you how to solve something.

- The Professional Coach - they follow a structured approach, often have been trained by some recognized body for quality and standard methodology. While they might have expertise in the areas they focus, they won’t tell you what to do, but allow you to get to solutioning yourself through thought-provoking questions and creative processes.

The second more interesting question for someone that is interested in self development is: which type of coaching should I then choose? Below are the common ways to go:

Challenges - If you are totally new to coaching and you are not sure how much you want to commit yourself, this is a way to start. Here you are in listening mode, you are joining together with many people - probably hundreds or more - at the same time. You take a passive role and get work to do at the end of each session. They are a good way to start getting to understand better which areas you want to focus more.

Now, if you have been following someone that it's very inspiring for a while or just reading one great book after another, you will know that this approach can only bring you so far. Take it as a chance to know if you want to go further.

Main Keyword - Inspiration

- Workshops - I love small groups workshops, anything up to 15-20 like-minded people. Here you have a mix of listening, participating and exchanging ideas with peers. You have to put yourself out there, but you can sit on the back when you feel like.

A big pro is that you get to know people that create meaningful connections that can last after the event has ended. There is this feeling of "Workshop High" that is created by the energy within the group itself. 

On the down side, if participants of the group have very little commonality, or they are at different stages in the journey, you might feel that you are not tackling your specific challenges. It’s very important then to choose a workshop where you’ll know you are in the right tribe and ensure you keep an active role for maximum benefit. 

Main Keyword - Understanding

- 1:1 Coaching - This is where you can really focus on yourself. You will choose what to work on, overcome specific problems and get a plan for sustainable results with someone supporting you, and only you, during the entire journey.

One caveat is that there is no hiding when you are the one at the center of the discussion: get ready to go deep, reflect on yourself and commit to take actions that will move you constantly forward. 

Personal coaching it's where the long lasting transformation occurs, if you are open and willing to embrace change. Do not get a coach if you are not ready to put yourself out there and take action.

Main Keyword - Transformation

Always ask yourself who you need support from and what level of support you need in this specific moment before signing up for the next program.

All the best,



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