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4 key learnings to strengthen your self-development in 2023

Yes! This is another article about the year ending soon and how to make a better 2023.

Allow me this cliché, but there is no better time than now to do some reflections on what went well and not so well, so that you can start January with a clear direction.

I did some reflection on my work in the past 12 months, trying to figure out what made some people make good progress in their learnings, while others did great: accomplishing all the goals they set, keeping a curious learning attitude, wanting to improve more and more.

These are 4 components I was able to distill.

1. Spend time understanding your learning goals at the beginning of the conversation, not only at the end. If you merely show up to training or coaching with no idea why you are there, it’s more difficult to find value. Reflect on what it is really that you want to accomplish and find the best learning tool for that specific goal. There is always time for a change if you find something else to focus on, but you will know that only if you have some clarity at the start.

2. Do not settle for passive learning, aim for a bigger change. Learning has different levels, from one side it’s about receiving information; new tools, and frameworks that can help you to be more successful in what you do. If you stop there, you are missing out. Ensure you move to active learning, that is reflecting on what you have to do or change to apply this. The big difference happens when you realize you have to shake some of the ways you have done things so far and are open to different perspectives.

3. Understand learning is a process, not a destination. There is no book, training, or mentoring that you listen to once and you are done with. Learning is a continuous process made of multiple iterations. You try, sometimes you do well, sometimes you fail, fix it, improve, and try again. You keep repeating as many times as needed and then some more.

4. Getting out of your comfort zone and taking bold steps is important, but consistency is the key.

I had two people that realized that needed more time to focus

One decided cold turkey to have no meetings day 3 times a week

The other decided to block 1 hour a day for focus.

None did better, both were successful at it because they were able to stick to it in the long run.

These simple principles apply to any personal development goal you set for yourself, apply them to set yourself up for success, whatever you want to achieve.

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