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It's ok to be vulnerable in the workplace

I worked for many years in companies where being tough is considered the only way to be a good leader.

Doesn't matter who you are, you keep hearing things like:

👉 Man up

👉 Do not show feeling

👉 Stop being so sympathetic

👉 Business is not for soft people

I am glad to see more and more leaders - especially men - starting to realize that you do not have to fake being a robot to run a business

💥That it's ok not to be ok

💥 That it's ok to say you do not know it all

💥That sometimes you need help

💥That often you have too much burden on your shoulders

💥That your team need compassion and so do you

Start showing your human side.

Be caring and compassionate, be open and vulnerable.

Your team, your clients and your business will thank you.

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