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If time was a currency would you value it more?

I recently watched “In Time” an old movie with the ever-relevant concept that Time = Money; it has a simple twist: if you are poor and have any left, you die. 

While the movie is worth a pass, it made me reflect on a crude truth: 

Time is today's real currency

While we all grasp this concept at a cognitive level, we always hope for more hours in a day to accomplish everything we desire. 

The question is, how can we make the most of the time we've got?

Many of us fall into the trap of thinking we need to cram more tasks into our days to be productive. But that's not the way to go. 

You don't need to join the 4 AM club and lose rest, nor push yourself to work harder just to fit more into your limited hours.

Start by examining your agenda, focusing on how you're using your time and identifying opportunities to free up space for what truly matters.

This should be a relatively simple task, yet so challenging for many of us. 


Because there is comfort in the busy zone

  • Busyness makes you feel important

  • Busyness makes you feel valued

It gives you a sense of purpose - in the midst of all this hustle, you never have the time to ponder if you should be doing something else instead.

When in front of you there is constantly a big to-do list, you do not have to worry about if there's a better way to spend it, or if there is something more you want from your life.

But if you are ready to take that leap of faith and explore where having more time can take you, your journey starts here:

1. Figure out what is keeping you busy. Ask yourself: Does what you are always doing truly deserve your attention? Imagine a blank calendar before you; can you envision how you'd fill it if you had complete control?

2. Master Prioritization. Examine what should remain and what needs to go. How can you carve out more time for what truly matters? How can you get rid of the rest? Prioritization is the key to regaining control of your schedule.

3. Find Your Unstoppable Focus. Now that you've identified your priorities and blocked time in your calendar, let’s get down to business. Find a serene space to let your creativity flow, make it your quiet sanctuary and do not forget to hit that ‘do not disturb’ button on your phone.

Begin experimenting at your own pace and discover what works best for you. It’s time to reclaim your time (pun intended) for what really adds value and matters to you.

If you find the process more challenging than expected and need support in turning it into a daily reality, the Master Performance Program, the workshops can be helpful for you

Have a great day,



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