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Team and Group Coaching

From 4-12 participants

For Professionals, Managers at all levels and Small Business Owners

What if I told you that to get more done you have to do less? ​

Everyone feels overwhelmed with too many items on their to-do list. We try to do things faster or working harder, hoping things will eventually get better.

Moving from doing more to doing better is actually simpler than people imagine, join me in this FREE webinar and I'll show you how


  1. How to use your time better, without doing more

  2. How to stop procrastinating and do more of what you love

  3. How to set the best conditions to collaborate

  4. How to get time to really focus on what matters


"This workshop series provided me with an awesome boost of ideas, practices and confidence that I will be taking with me into my work routines. Serena did an excellent job of introducing practical solutions in this friendly and efficient way!"

"Serena has a way of helping you understand what might be blocking you from doing the things you want to. Because we all know it's bad to procrastinate but she'll tell you about the reasoning behind why most of us do it. After finishing her program, I noticed how I use my time strategically. I now know where and how to allocate the 24h a day effectively. I feel my time is serving me better and I no longer feel like I could have done more."

"The program is exciting as it allows you to address realities of your day-to-day life that you would not otherwise stop to observe. I have found a space of reflection and direction."


Each webinar will last 60* minutes and run for 3 weeks

  • Introduction to the topic

  • Practical Exercise

  • Group discussion

Week 1 - WHAT ARE YOU DOING - It's not enough to know we are busy. The question is, what are we busy about?

Week 2 - WHAT YOU SHOULD BE DOING - Master prioritisation and performance

Week 3 - HOW TO FOCUS ON WHAT MATTERS - How to block out the noise and get more time without working more hours

*For Teams joining together duration might be longer as it will incorporate more activities on team dynamics and alignment.

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