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Creating a thriving Work culture: Your Journey to Workplace Happiness

There's nothing I cherish more than a good celebration. So, I'm excited to share that we've reached (and well past) 25,000 people subscribed to The Happy Workplace 🥳. 

When I started a year ago, I thought I was setting up a cosy gathering to exchange tips and ideas about better work culture, not even thinking if anyone would join. Little did I know that so many of you would resonate with this and join the mission for a brighter, more fulfilling work experience.

Let's face it – we've grown accustomed to the idea that work is just meant to be a grind, often boring struggle. But you know what? I don't buy into that notion. I firmly believe that we can not only survive but thrive at work. This isn't just about personal satisfaction; it's about crafting workplaces that breed engagement, spark creativity, and drive high-performance.

While it's easy to get stuck thinking we're powerless in today's times of uncertainty and downturn, there are always some things we can do. 

Here are 3 mental shifts that can make a difference:

1. Work doesn’t have to be hard: The concept that work must equate to hardship is ready for retirement. While adoring every task might not be feasible, the real gold lies in knowing your strengths. Spend time where you shine, with constant learning as your companion. Cut the noise and craft your path. It's about honing your strengths, evolving continually, and shedding distractions. 

2. Motivation is important, but won’t be enough: Motivation is like a spark that ignites the journey, but it's not a flame that lasts forever or that you can count on every day. When that happens, your reliable companions are continuous learning and, above all consistency. While learning and growth are your compass, it's this steady commitment that ensures your journey endures in the long run.

3. The people around you will make all the difference: Seek out your tribe, those who uplift, inspire, and challenge you. Nurture relationships with those who celebrate your wins, and provide invaluable wisdom, as well as the ones who think differently and give you fresh perspective. This collective energy becomes the wind beneath your wings, propelling you to new heights.

I invite you to share how I can further support you in creating YOUR Happy Workplace! Your insights and ideas are priceless. 

Thanks for your support,


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