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Has your New Year Resolution failed already? Try a simpler way

As the year kicks off, many of us get caught up in the resolution hype. We look back at the year that just ended and in a rush, we craft an impossible list of things to fix—all in an attempt to address what we might have missed out on last time.

(Un-)surprisingly, 80% of these well-intentioned goals tend to fade away in the first 15 days of the year.

So, let's ditch the resolution rollercoaster - leading only to disappointment and frustration -  and opt for a better way to do it.

1. Embrace Direction, Not Just Goals

Instead of stressing over specific achievements and constantly measuring where you should stand – whether it's how fast you should run, how much money you should make, or when the next promotion should happen – consider the broader path you want to walk.

Imagine your life's compass pointing towards a direction that genuinely resonates with you. Let go of the rigid to-do list; instead, envision navigating your professional and personal journey like painting a beautiful landscape. Creating a picture that truly reflects your unique aspirations.

2. Prioritize with Clarity

With the excitement of the new year, we often feel the urge to tackle everything at once, questioning every part of our lives. This can make us feel overwhelmed and trying to do it all might end up spreading us too thin.

Let's keep it simple. Split your world into two: work and life. What truly deserves your focus? What are the non-negotiable parts you won't give up? 

Find these priority spots and make them your guiding lights for what you do. It's not about doing everything; it's about recognizing what really matters and deserves a front-row seat in your journey.

3. Glue it together

Consider the bigger picture. How do you want to feel when you achieve your goals? It's not just about ticking boxes; it's about feeling genuinely good once you get there.

What emotions do you want to paint on that canvas? Success it's about blending the elements of your life in a way that truly resonates with who you are. Picture the satisfaction, joy, and peace that come with achieving your goals – Focus on how they align with the feelings you truly desire.

What do do next?

Now, step back. No rush, no pressure. Observe your daily habits and behaviours. 

Notice which actions nudge you in the chosen direction and which ones are pulling you away. This is about gradual, mindful shifts – aligning your actions with your aspirations, not a sudden overhaul.

  • Celebrate Small Wins: Acknowledge and celebrate the little victories along the way. Each step forward is worth recognizing.

  • Flexibility is Key: Life is unpredictable. Allow room for adjustments while keeping your direction in sight.

  • Self-compassion Matters: don't be too hard on yourself. Sometimes you go forward, sometimes you take a step back. All is good.

As we navigate through the early months of the year, take a moment to sketch your course. This is the season of direction and reflection - not regret - where you steadily weave the fabric of a fulfilling and balanced life. 

Here's to your roadmap to workplace happiness and months that unfold with simplicity, purpose, and joy. 

Cheers to the journey ahead!



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