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Looking for the greener grass: Redefining Success in the High-Achievers' Garden

If you frequently venture into the garden of high achievers, you know it's a challenging place to stay. 

Alex's soaring income, Bob's stroke of luck, and Charlotte's recent promotion—it's not uncommon for the rest of us to feel like we're watching the show always running behind.

In this tiresome race for comparison, what if we reframed our perspective?

What if, instead of fixating on everyone else, we put the spotlight on our own unique journey to success?

  1. The Pitfalls of Comparison

Success is like finding the perfect pair of shoes. It doesn’t matter how nice they look; only if they fit can they take you far. 

Aspiring to be the "top" in your industry or embodying the wisdom of the Dalai Lama is inspiring but can also be overwhelming. Instead, identify those just one step ahead, the ones that started the journey a little earlier. 

What are they doing that you're not, and how can you incorporate those lessons into your path? 

Avoid the trap of measuring your worth solely against those too far ahead. Constant comparison drains your energy and affects your mental and emotional well-being. Instead, let's draw wisdom from successful individuals who attribute their achievements to internal focus, designing their unique paths.

2. Look Inward, Not Around You

Once you're inspired and have a clear destination, turn your focus inward. What's that promising bud waiting to bloom? 

Conduct a self-assessment, uncovering your unique strengths, skills, and attributes. Look not just at what you're good at, but what lights your passion and keeps you going. 

What are your valuable secrets everyone is asking for? How can you use them more? 

In the middle of everything else, your individuality is your greatest asset. Spot your strengths, simplify your goals by aligning them with your natural abilities, and see success becoming more tangible.

3. Charting Your Course

Set your own success metrics – it could be about time, conditions, or relishing every moment. Success varies; for some, it’s reaching the destination fast, for others, it’s arriving on their own terms, and for some, it’s enjoying the journey.

Set personalized goals aligned with your values: it's not just about doubling your chances of success; it's about making it satisfying and sustainable. The journey is where growth happens, lessons are learned, and success becomes an integral part of who you are.

BONUS - Turn Competition into Collaboration

Shift your perspective from Me and Them to We. Networking, collaborating, and learning from others enhance personal growth without diminishing your worth. Success isn't a solo travel; it's a group adventure where everyone can thrive. 

In this transformative journey, invest in yourself, define your success, and relish the uniqueness of your path. Success is not a race but a personalized expedition, and your destination is what you make of it.

Wishing you endless fun in your unique journey,


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