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Choosing your path: Not everyone wants to be a CEO

In a world where everyone's racing to the top, happiness can sometimes get lost. But we're here to explore a different way.

I've been in the corporate world and understand the appeal of that 'next big thing' and the desire for recognition. But true success is more than just fancy titles and exciting roles; it's about finding the right balance between ambition and contentment, professional growth, and personal well-being.

As I work with individuals aiming for that next promotion or a new role, it's not uncommon for them to lose their initial excitement shortly after achieving it.

Why does this happen?

If you have experienced it, sometimes this is because you were looking for a new role for the wrong reason:

  • You aimed for that promotion for the status it brings.

  • Moving up felt like the logical step, but you still really loved your current role.

  • You craved novelty and excitement, but now that you've got it, you're already searching for the next shiny thing. (This is known as the Shiny Object syndrome, and I'm guilty as charged for that one!)

On the other side, there are reasons that continue to bring joy after reaching your goal:

  • You genuinely believe the next role will let you make a more substantial impact.

  • You're ready for a fresh challenge, pushing yourself to grow.

  • It's okay to want better financial recognition for your value and worth, as long as it's not just about status and money.

Before you start contemplating your next move, whether it's that promotion or a new role, pause for a moment and ponder:

Do you want this as an escape from your current situation, or I am looking for something more?

Think about:

  • Your Daily and Weekly Routine: Compare your current life to what the new role would entail. Does it excite you? Does it align with your ideal life?

  • Your Circle: Consider the people you want to surround yourself with - your tribe - are you going to spend more of your time with them?

  • Your Destination: Where do you want to go from here? Do you envision yourself in the same place in a couple of years?

Your career isn't just about climbing the ladder; it's about crafting a fulfilling life. It's finding purpose and joy in your work that fits a lifestyle.

Successful people have life goals not only working ones

Reflect on your goals, and align them with the life you desire. Your journey to find your happy path starts now.

All the best,


Do you need help figuring out your next step?

Get in touch if you want to explore the best option for you, or check out the Authentic Leader Program if you know you want to keep growing successfully.

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