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Sun, Sand, and Stress-free: How to fully Disconnect during Vacation

The summer holidays have arrived. Most of us are dreaming of basking in the sun, or cooling in the mountains and leaving our work worries behind. 

Yet many professionals find it hard to switch off during vacations. Some only take time off after their managers point out they've earned enough days to almost retire.

But there is something you can do to confidently step away from your desk and be ready to fully disconnect, knowing that everything will run smoothly in your absence.

Step 1: Prepare in Advance - Your Vacation Checklist

Are you the type who throws things into your luggage a few hours before leaving, or do you have a checklist ready a week in advance? When it comes to leaving work in a good state, planning is essential.

One or two weeks before you leave, it's a great time to create your vacation checklist. Jot down all pending tasks that need completion before you leave, list the pending projects that you will take care of on your return, and communicate your plans to all relevant stakeholders to ensure they know your time off and that they can go ahead in your absence without you being the bottleneck to progress.

Leave some time in the days before departure to be able to discuss any last-minute things. This way, they won't be needing to disturb you or keep everything on hold while you are away.

Step 2: Delegate with a Smile - Empower Your Trusted Team

Remember, you're not a one-person show! This is the best time to empower your team to take on some tasks that you always handle and see if they can successfully step up. 

Assigning tasks that are routine (and sometimes find boring at this point) is a great way to foster a sense of responsibility and growth within your team. Knowing that your trusted people have your back will let you unwind and fully enjoy your vacation.

Step 3: Unplug and Unwind - Your Wellbeing is Vital

The point of taking time off is, well, to disconnect. Relax, have fun, and allow your body and brain to recharge. So, make sure to disconnect from work entirely during your vacation. Resist the urge to check emails or take work calls. 

If you have left a clear disposition of who will be handling stuff in your absence, there won't be any need for them to contact you. You can still leave the opportunity for a few trusted people to call you if something is really on fire and needs your attention. Trust that if any urgent situation arises, your team will handle it, and they'll contact you only if it truly requires your attention.

By incorporating these simple steps into your vacation routine, you'll return to work recharged and with renewed enthusiasm. Embrace the freedom to take time off guilt-free, knowing that your organization is in capable hands.

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Happy vacationing!


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