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Make time for strategy.

That's the most basic and important tip I can give you.

It doesn't matter if you have just been promoted to manager or if you are CEO of your company. I bet that you never take enough time for that.

The only way to really make the difference scaling up your company is taking time to figure out what is working and what need to change to support its continous growth.

This happens when you stop looking at your busy schedule and endless to-do list and you realize that this is more important.

So you put it down in your agenda and commit to leave everything aside for a moment and do it.

You can then take time to figure out how to make it happen in a way that will work for you. Some of the favourite ones I heard so far:

👉 I started to take a "off" day a month. Blocking notification, with no notifications and phone off. I tell the team who is the backup for that day and they know I am not there unless the servers are on fire.

👉 It's now fixed on my calendar, Monday and Thursday 2 hours each. No ordinary meeting can make me move that time. If something very important comes up, I ensure I move it around first and deprioritise something else, but that's my most important time for the business and I make it happen no matter what.

👉 I am going to run 30 minutes like crazy with heavy metal on. It really clear my mind and then I go strategizing for a couple of hours

I am curious to know if you are already taking enough time for strategy and what really works for you

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