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Attention to all Leaders: In case of an emergency put your oxygen mask first.

First came covid, then crisis and layoffs. Being an inspiring leader ready to support and motivate your team while growing your business is getting harder every day.

As a high achiever that pushes yourself to the limit in normal time, with increasing external challenges, you are now stressed all the time and on the verge of burnout.

To be able to help others you have to help yourself first

There are some common themes I hear when managers keep taking more than they can handle:

  • I feel guilty to ask for help, I am the one supposed to help my team and drive the company

  • My team won’t have the time or capabilities, I prefer to do things myself than having to explain how to do it.

  • I do not want to put extra pressure on someone else, they already have too much work

These seem noble reasons, they can also work to solve temporary issues.

Yet if you want to create a business that is resilient and sustainable in the long term, you cannot spend all your days firefighting.

That is not why you are there in the first place

You want your team to work as one and collaborate, why should your behavior be different?

Everyone can support each other: identify what each person is great at and create an invincible armada where everyone can champion their strengths. If you act as the savior all the time you do not let people grow.

When you are busy it seems easier to just get something done quickly. But you miss a key element, your team will believe that you do not trust them enough to do it right.

Give clear instructions on what it’s needed, but let them prove themselves and allow them to make mistakes: that’s part of learning. Once they learn, there is increased motivation for them and less work for you.

Sometimes leaders fail to delegate tasks to avoid putting pressure on their teams.

The results are often the opposite, they give the extra burden to figure out how to better prioritize their work and cannot get help for critical decisions.

Give your teams trust, authority, and clear responsibilities to be able to do their job, instead of doing the work for them.

Then you will have the time for strategic things: working on the big changes needed to make your teams’ work easier and grow your company. This is the best thing you can do as a leader.

Wish you a safe journey,



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